Terms of AAEFL Use Agreement

Read this very carefully!

Scope of Agreement:

This Terms of Use Agreement is by the AAEFL Org. and between us (AAEFL, we, our) and you (your, User) governs your use of (domain name) (collectively and individually called the ‘Site’). This shall cover all content, products, information and services that is made obtainable and accessible by our site and/or third parties (which along with the site, shall be referred to as ‘Services’).

All terms and conditions contained on the Site shall be a part of this agreement. By using or accessing the services, you shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you shall not agree to this Agreement then you shall not be authorized to access this Site or its Services in any manner whatsoever.

The reference of ‘use’ of Services in this Agreement shall mean any actual or attempted access or use of it. This Agreement shall be considered as the final agreement between you and us and shall cover everything (including those pertaining to Accreditation and Certification) along with our Privacy Policy; superseding any and all prior agreements.

AAEFL reserves the right to modify and/or change the terms of this Agreement or any other terms and conditions of this Site, without notice. It shall be your responsibility to periodically review the Site. The revisions shall become effective from the time of posting; hence, any revision is not acceptable, you shall abstain from using it in future. Your continued use of the Services shall constitute your acceptance of the changes.


  • AAEFL Intellectual Property- refers to all graphics, images, texts, logos, Trademarks, programs, content, information and materials; tangible as well as intangible. This includes but is not limited to AAEFL Content and Trademarks.
  • AAEFL Content-refers to all copyrighted content owned by AAEFL and its third parties.
  • AAEFL Trademark(s) or Mark(s)-refers to all trademarks and service marks owned by AAEFL and as defined by the common law.
  • General Terms-when AAEFL uses terms like ‘Industry’, ‘The Industry’, ‘Industry Standard’, ‘Universally Accepted’, ‘Generally Accepted’ on the Site, the terms are meant as a generalization of what is the view of the majority.

Ownership and use of AAEFL Intellectual Property:

  • Ownership and Use-AAEFL Intellectual Property is owned by AAEFL or licensed by our third-party partners. You agree not to copy, publish, reproduce or retransmit it, unless specifically permitted by us.
  • AAEFL Content- Our site contains certain AAEFL Content for the benefit of our members and you shall not download or copy any AAEFL Content.
  • Trademark(s)-AAEFL Trade Marks appearing on this site shall not be used by you other than as granted by us on specific terms and conditions. You shall also refrain from altering or misusing any AAEFL mark.
    By seeking Certification or Accreditation, you agree that AAEFL may publicly display your name on the site for advertising purposes, e.g. our Customers.

Links to Third Party Sites:

AAEFL provides links to Third party Sites as a curtsey to users but have no control over these Sites or resources. Hence, we shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any dispute, damage or loss arising out of this.


AAEFL does not warranty or guarantee uninterrupted access to its or any Third Parties Sites. Any risk, loss or damage arising out of this, shall be at your responsibility.

Right to Terminate and/or block access:

AAEFL reserves all rights to terminate, block or restrict your access to the Site for any breach or suspected violation of this agreement.

Entire Agreement:

This Agreement is intended as the final Agreement between AAEFL and other parties, and hence, revokes and supersedes all prior agreements and arrangements.

This Agreement shall be amended or modified only by Site posting by AAEFL and shall be a valid document from the time such changes or amendments are made.