Certifications Process

1.Prerequisites for AAEFL Certificate

All AAEFL certifications demand that a candidate fulfills the eligibility criteria before applying for the certificate.

You can apply for our online AAEFL certificate if only you have cleared the TEFL course from an institute, company or organization accredited by us.  

Hence, before logging in, be prepared with all the relevant documents.

2. Know your AAEFL Application Form

Once you are confirmed that you meet the eligibility criteria, it’s time to apply. Collect information details of the following and then proceed to open AAEFL online application form.

  • Contact information — Keep your address, email, contact number handy.
  • Educational qualification details — A copy of school certificate, graduation degree should be kept so as to refer and fill in the details.
  • TEFL course details — Give the details of TEFL course taken, along with the course provider and complete address.
  • 90 minutes window — Once you open the application form window you will have 90 minutes to fill it up and submit.
  • Mandatory fields — All details required are mandatory to be filled.
  • Mental alertness — Go through the application form thoroughly after filling in the details; any field left vacant, will lead to automatic rejection of the application by the system.
  • Don’t panic — In case after submission your window states ‘sorry, rejected’, keep cool. Close the window and open it after two hours; this time making absolutely sure you have filled up as required.

3. Review of your AAEFL application form

  • AAEFL Review Body — Once your AAEFL application form is accepted by the system, it comes up for review by AAEFL Review Body.
  • Domain experience — The AAEFL authorized body will verify your details and credentials.
  • Rejection — If any discrepancy is found by the AAEFL Review Body, then your application will be rejected and an email will be sent to you intimating the same.
  • Reapplication — The reason of rejection of the application will be mentioned in the email. You can reapply taking care that the discrepancy is rectified.
  • Repaying the application fee — Reapplying will attract payment of the application fees once again.

4. AAEFL application Audit

  • Random audit — AAEFL has mastered a system of audit by randomly selecting a percentage of the application forms.
  • In-depth verification — The selected applications will go for scrutiny and an in-depth verification of the educational qualifications and details provided by the candidate will take place.
  • Purpose of Audit — This exercise helps in weeding out fake cases; over and above that, it enhances the authenticity and credibility of the AAEFL certification program and the certificate holders.

5. Payment

On an average, in 3-5 working days, an application is reviewed and if found satisfactory, a mail is sent to notify about the same. This mail will also have the payment link which needs to be processed within 48 hours.

Once the payment formalities are completed, your certificate will be generated and its soft copy mailed within 3-5 working days.

In case you require the hard copy* of your certificate, you can send your request to AAEFL Certification help center. Please note that all the expenses will have to be borne by you. Additionally, if it doesn’t reach the specified destination, AAEFL will not be liable in any manner.

* Being an environmentally aware and conscious organization, AAEFL refrains from issuing hard copies of its certificates.

6.Salient Features of AAEFL Certificate

  • This exclusive certificate will be issued in the name of AAEFL.
  • It will carry our patented watermark.
  • It will clearly mention your full name.
  • It will state the name of the TEFL course which has been cleared by you.
  • It will carry the seal and sign of the authorized signatory.
  • It will bear a unique certification number which cannot be replicated.

7.Complete Transparency

AAEFL Certificates can be easily authenticated and verified on our website by logging in the unique certification number. This gives an authentic tool to the Employers to verify your credentials and be assured of the high standard training achieved by you.

8.Certification related FAQs

If you lack clarity on any aspect of certification, then please click on to our FAQs section. Hopefully, you will be clear on the confusion; but in case you still want to know about something, please feel free to contact us:

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