Accreditation Terms & Conditions


The International AAEFL Accreditation Council grants the status of Accredited TEFL Course Provider to the qualifying parties. Each qualifying party hereby agrees to acknowledge and comply by the terms and conditions contained herein.


  • Accredited TEFL Course Provider (ATCP) : The organization, company or institution that has AAEFL accreditation.
  • Acknowledging Party :The entity acknowledging these terms and conditions.
  • Application Information : All information and documentations submitted to AAEFL during the application process.
  • Certification :This is the designation bestowed upon individual candidates who have successfully completed an AAEFL TEFL course.
  • Delivery Schema :This refers to the manner in which the course material is presented to a course taker.
  • AAEFL Certification Examination :It refers to an examination taken by the candidate seeking certificate by AAEFL.
  • Member : Any individual or entity that has a professional relationship with AAEFL, either as a certified party or an accredited entity.
  • Services : This refers to all information, materials, products, content and services made available to you through AAEFL website by us and/or third parties.
  • Site : This is a reference to the official website of AAEFL org.
  • Us :Means the AAEFL org.
  • You :The AAEFL accredited entities and/or certified individuals.


  • The AAEFL accreditation shall be awarded for three years.
  • The AAEFL accreditation can be renewed, it shall be subject to fulfilling the recertification criteria of the organization.
  • The applicant understands and agrees that AAEFL shall conduct a due diligence process to verify the details provided in the AAEFL accreditation application.
  • Third parties may be approached to ascertain the authenticity of the information provided.
  • The applicant shall waive any claims against AAEFL for breach of privacy or confidentiality during the verification process.
  • Whatever verification activities and/or investigations AAEFL shall deem necessary, shall be taken up by it, in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • AAEFL shall maintain the right to conduct audit, investigation, inquiry, etc. of the ATCP.
  • Should AAEFL suspect that the ATCP has breached any of these terms and conditions, it shall give a written notice.
  • Electronic mail shall serve as an acceptable means of providing the written notice.
  • The ATCP shall have thirty (30) days to reply giving explanation about the concerning breach or default.
  • If not satisfied by the reply, AAEFL may take any/all disciplinary action in accordance with AAEFL Disciplinary Policy.
  • If a disciplinary action is initiated, the ATCP may appeal keeping in line with the guidelines of the AAEFL Appeals Process.
  • In the event of any change pertaining to a Member or change in ownership or any other substantive changes to the information provided in the application by the ATCP, it shall intimate AAEFL through electronic mail within thirty (30) days.
  • The ATCP agrees that AAEFL shall publicly list their name on the official website. The website shall also share a link to the ATPC’s website.
  • AAEFL shall in its sole discretion, share information concerning the ATCP’s public profile and all concerned aspects, whether positive or negative, on its website.
  • As a member of AAEFL, the ATPC acknowledges that it shall abide by and uphold the terms and conditions of AAEFL listed herein.
  • It shall also abide by the standards of the AAEFL Code of Conduct.
  • The applicant ATPC shall affirm, under penalty of perjury, that all information provided in the application for accreditation is correct and complete.
  • Additionally, the provider certifies, under penalty of perjury, that it has the legal right to deliver the content utilized in their training programs (including intellectual property rights, etc.).
  • An application fee (non refundable) shall be deposited before AAEFL performs due diligence.