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The last decade has been a witness to revolutionary changes in our world; lots of it can be attributed to metamorphosis of the internet. The reach of internet has brought down all barriers and melted the boundaries of cities, towns and countries. The real concept of ‘one world’ has finally arrived; providing us access to bountiful possibilities, curiosities, knowledge and inventions.

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  • Why go for AAEFL accreditation?

    AAEFL is a universally recognized, independent, impartial, accrediting body of TEFL courses and course providers. AAEFL is today a name which has become synonymous with integrity, credibility, trustworthiness, repute and high-quality standard.

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    AAEFL accreditations are facilitated through a simple evaluation process. The simplicity of our accreditation ensures accessibility and affordability to all- from smallest to largest, from most accessible to remotest- giving a level playing field. The details of the process are explained step by step in our Information Board section.

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