AAEFL’s Code of Conduct

AAEFL is an independent, unbiased, international organization of great repute that is dedicated to assessing, certifying and accrediting TEFL course. AAEFL adheres to the highest levels of proficiency in TEFL and at the same time, expects all its Members, whether individual certificate holders or accredited entities, to abide by the ethical norms of the organization, when dealing with pupils, colleagues, customers, employers and/or the general public.

AAEFL knows very well that an accreditation or certificate awarded by them carries not only highest academic proficiency but also an expectation in general that an AAEFL Member will perform and execute professional obligations with complete probity, earnestness, integrity and undivided attention.

AAEFL has built its brand image over the years with great efforts and, hence, takes all precautionary steps to safeguard it. If AAEFL is approached by any party with reports of a Member breaching its Code of Conduct, then the Membership of the said individual or entity shall be reviewed and if need be, complete investigation shall be initiated.

Once an investigation is initiated, the Member in question shall be contacted, informed and given sufficient time to respond to the allegations. If found guilty, proposed action by AAEFL may include censure, suspension or termination of Membership; depending on the severity of the breach. All or any action initiated will be done in accordance with AAEFL’s Disciplinary Policy.

AAEFL’s Disciplinary Policy for Breaches of Code of Conduct

Report of Breach of Code of Conduct

Any violation of AAEFL’s Code of Conduct by any Member, individual or entity, shall be assigned to AAEFL’s Disciplinary Committee. On receipt of the complaint, a letter of notice, incorporating the details of alleged violation/s, shall be forwarded to the said Member.

During the period of investigation, AAEFL shall maintain full confidentiality and try to safeguard the identity of its Member.

Investigation of Reports of Breach of Code of Conduct

The investigation shall be completed within a period of sixty (60) days. The investigative process shall be completely impartial and thorough. The findings of the investigation shall be recorded in writing.

Level of severity for Breach of Code of Conduct

The level of severity shall be determined after a thorough investigation and it shall lead to determining the restrictions to be imposed on the violator. From warning to censure, suspension or termination; the restrictions shall depend on the level of breach.

Different Restrictions and Penalties for Breach


After thorough investigation if the breach is found to be minor in nature and/or potentially unintentional, a written warning shall be issued to the Member. Evidence of corrective measures shall be sufficient. In addition to this, the breach shall be kept confidential and not made public.


In an event of the breach being of a more serious nature that leads to having been done intentionally, then a letter of censure shall be issued. The censured member shall be given the opportunity of taking corrective measures; in case of failure to promptly address the issue shall result in making it public by posting on AAEFL website.


Once a breach of a serious nature is detected and no prompt corrective measures are taken up by the violator, then a suspension of the AAEFL designation shall come into effect for a ninety (90) days period. Corrective action shall lead to reinstatement of Membership.


Failure to correct a conclusive serious breach of the Code of Conduct, within the suspension period, shall lead to termination of AAEFL membership designation.

AAEFL Appeal Procedure

The proposed restrictions on AAEFL Membership for a breach of Code of Conduct shall be communicated to the violator through email. The proposed restriction shall not be implemented for a period of fourteen (14) days. During this period, the sanctioned Member shall be allowed to submit a written appeal in response to the proposed action.

In the event of an appeal, the following process shall be convened:

  • A written rebuttal shall be accepted for review within 14 days of receipt of the reply and its accompanying documents.
  • An extension of another 14 days may be requested/awarded for the rebuttal. Such extension shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  • A hearing of the rebuttals shall be granted via a teleconference if need be.
  • A final determination shall be communicated to the Member within thirty (30) of the hearing or the final submission of any rebuttal materials.

Final Notice of Determination

In the event that the violating Member is subject to suspension or termination, the Membership Directory of AAEFL shall note such action. The Final Notice of Determination shall also indicate if the violating Member may be considered for Membership reinstatement and for the period of time that must pass before any reinstatement request may be considered.