Accreditation Process

AAEFL Accreditation Process

The relevant documents from the list below authenticating the legal status of the Institution must be available for inspection at Stage 2 of the AAEFL Accreditation Process

  • If a Charity - the Charity Commission Registration Index.
  • If a Limited Company – the Certificate of Incorporation.
  • If a Partnership – the Partnership Agreement.
  • If a subsidiary of another organization – such documentation of the parent organization as may be applicable to its legal status.

AAEFL Accreditation Process - STAGE 2


These documents must be submitted within 30 days of the institution having been awarded Provisional Accreditation status. The Evaluation Council will verify all the documents and if found correct the accreditation process will proceed.

This stage will mainly focus on weighing up the evidence of the institution’s ability to uphold and maintain the standards needed for an AAEFL international accreditation. The final decision on accreditation will then be decided by the AAEFL Evaluation Council.