AAEFL Standards Development

AAEFL Standards Development

Learning to impart knowledge effectively is no child’s play, and who knows this better than AAEFL. Being the world’s leading TEFL accreditation body AAEFL realizes the importance of perfecting the system.
AAEFL global standards are the foundation of this profession; guiding and helping you ensure your organization’s knowledge and frameworks are up-to-date.

How are standards developed?

AAEFL standards are developed and approved through a consensus-based process that ensures all interested stakeholders can participate. We are an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards developer, and our process conforms with ANSI procedures.

AAEFL Standards development steps

  • To develop a specific standard, AAEFL charters a committee including a chair, vice-chair and volunteers, and assigns an AAEFL member to serve as resource.
  • The said committee meets many times, over a period of several months, to draft and refine the standard.
  • The AAEFL Standards Member Advisory Group (MAG) and subject matter experts review the draft and return it to the committee for revision.
  • The revised exposure draft is made available for comment from members, which the committee considers and revises if need be.
  • The updated standard is sent for approval to the AAEFL consensus body, a group of independent volunteer members who validate the development process of each standard.
  • Upon recommendation by the AAEFL standards manager, the new standard is approved by AAEFL.

AAEFL Research-Informed Standards benefits

The incorporation of research into the AAEFL standards development process enhances the current consensus approach by detecting and monitoring trends in the TEFL profession, ensuring organizational strategy is incorporated, and providing evidence-based information to assist our Standards committees to make informed decisions for future standards.

Get Involved with AAEFL Standards

AAEFL global standards are developed through a voluntary consensus process that brings together volunteers and subject matter experts possessing an interest in the standards’ topics. The process relies on member feedback, and there's multiple ways for you to get involved in the activities.

AAEFL Standards Development Activities

Participate and write the standard’s content, taking into consideration recommendations from the previous edition, market and other resources, and new developments in TELF industry.

Review all texts and graphics in the standard to make sure the information is clear, complete and relevant, revising as and when necessary.

Ensure that the content is harmonized with any other relevant AAEFL standards.

Prepare a report with a recommendation to the standards manager for concepts, approaches and tools that may be considered for inclusion in future editions.

AAEFL International Standards Activities

AAEFL Standards committee has a wide range of activities going on throughout the year and its main objective is to promote an active participation of its members.

AAEFL is of the strong belief that the best way to achieve excellence and to retain it forever, is a democratic approach of upgrading and updating. Fresh, innovative, unorthodox ideas assembled from all quarters, is what has made us grow exponentially.

If you think you can contribute in any way, get in touch with AAEFL Standards Helpdesk and get going.