AAEFL Information Board

AAEFL Accreditation Process

Step 1. Submission of Application Form

Step 2. Scrutiny of Application Form

Step 3. Provisional Accreditation awarded

Step 4. Submission of Accompanying Documents

Step 5. Verification of submitted documents

Step 6. If found satisfactory, Accreditation is awarded

Applying to AAEFL for Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in applying for accreditation through the International AAEFL Accreditation Council. This form is for institutions, organizations offering TEFL courses anywhere in the world.

If any of the fields do not apply to your institution, then insert N/A.

Below are the steps an institution needs to undertake in order to complete the application process.


  • An institution needs to complete the Stage 1 Application Form and submit it. (Please note at this stage no other documentation is required).
  • Once submitted, the application form will be scrutinized by our assessors.
  • AAEFL will then make a request to the institution for the Stage 2 documents which can be found below in the section titled ‘Checklist of the Documents to be submitted at Stage 2’.

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