About Us


American Association of EFL (AAEFL) is a universally recognized professional association dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards within the TEFL community. Over the years AAEFL has awarded 110,000+ TEFL certifications and 2,400+ accreditations to organizations, institutions and companies.

AAEFL does not provide TEFL training, mentoring, coaching or consultancy services. AAEFL exclusively facilitates and delivers centralized universal TEFL Certification Standards testing and TEFL Accreditations. These are based on established, recognized and published criteria, none of which are dependent upon the use or engagement with any specific trainer(s), training provider(s), consultant(s), proprietary training content, products or software or any specific organization or company offering TEFL or any other services.


AAEFL is committed to growing and enhancing the teaching by recognizing professional qualified EFL teachers.

AAEFL will continually research and characterize the criteria by which the industry recognizes qualified EFL teachers. We will deliver professionally developed exams that accurately and precisely measure an individual’s proficiency to the industry standards.

AAEFL will embrace and involve the community to ensure the standards are representative of true EFL teaching Methods and Tools. AAEFL will support our community of Certified TEFL teachers for teaching EFL and accredited members by upholding the AAEFL Universally Accepted TEFL Body of Knowledge, a strict code of ethics as defined in the AAEFL Code of Professional Conduct and the AAEFL Certification.


Like all centers of excellence, AAEFL has a vision to build a strong community of TEFL course providers- certified and accredited by us. We want our name to be synonymous with ‘an organization of exceptional excellence’.

We are taking definitive steps towards achieving this, as we conform to the highest international standards, possess ISO 29990-2010 certification and a huge advantage of ANSI accreditation. With an exceedingly committed and unwaveringly supportive team, AAEFL is assured of fulfilling its vision in the near future.


  • Universal recognition
  • Hundred percent employability rate
  • Exhaustive Body of Knowledge
  • Dedicated Research & Development team
  • Adopting latest methodologies
  • Curriculum developed with utmost care
  • Prime focus on assessment framework
  • Unlimited resource material

What is AAEFL Certifications and Accreditations

AAEFL Certificates and Accreditations are an endorsement by our universally acclaimed, independent organization of TEFL course with highest market ratings.

Why AAEFL Certifications

Our certifications of TEFL opens up a whole new world for individuals who are eager to satiate their thirst for English language or expand it beyond boundaries; since they feel that the knowledge of language should surpass all frontiers and benefit all.

High value employers recognize the worth of AAEFL certificates, hence, highest paying jobs are bagged by our members.

Why AAEFL Accreditations

The institutes, companies and organizations which are accredited by AAEFL as course providers, enjoy exceptional recognition, as it is an unbiased, independent organization that provides endorsement of high quality.
Individuals, who make informed choices, select TEFL courses with companies or institutes which have been awarded international accreditations of repute like AAEFL.
Our accreditation process is completely online- simple and convenient. Our cost-effectiveness is undoubtedly a big high point for our customers.
Our customer base is huge but we especially enjoy massive support in countries like Japan, China and South Korea. Raving reviews and testimonials from reputed institutions like CDI-Japan, Berlitz-Japan, AEON-South Korea and Pagoda-South Korea, provides an authentic edge to us over others.

How you draw benefits from AAEFL

  • Support and guidance — An immensely high-caliber AAEFL team will extend support and guidance to not only establish you but also during your entire journey.
  • Curriculum development — A thoroughly researched curriculum is developed by AAEFL dedicated team, keeping in mind all factors of modern teaching and learning.
  • Course and resource material — All course and resource material are specifically prepared by our organization with a thrust on methodology and skill enhancement.
  • Privileged access to AAEFL Book of Knowledge — Our unique initiative ‘Book of Knowledge’ opens a world of exhaustive, relevant material for all registered members.
  • Low risk & high returns — Getting accredited by an already established and reputed organization like ours, your investment is at lowest risk. In fact, you can expect highest returns in shortest span of time.
  • Periodical assessment & evaluation — Over the years we have been researching and improving our assessment and evaluation tools so that we do not falter on any given specifics.

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