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Quench your curiosity about Certification Application process

AAEFL certification application is available on the website. Just click on ‘Apply’ button and the application will open for 90 minutes. Fill up all the fields and click the ‘submit’ button which is at the end of the form.

The application window will open for 90 minutes and as it is not a very exhaustive form, it is advisable to do it in a go.

If you have not clicked ‘submit’ then it is not a problem as you can reopen and fill in the form completely.

None. We will ask for supporting documents only if your application is selected for random auditing.

Here dd means date, mm refers to month and yyyy for year for example if you were born on 1 November, 1994, then you will mention it as 01/11/1994.

No. You can request for the hard copy only after you receive the soft copy of your certificate.

Once you submit your form, a pop-up message will read ‘successfully done’. If it says ‘sorry, rejected’ then it means you have not filled all the fields as required.

This is unlikely, but if it happens, please contact AAEFL helpdesk and share your details.

AAEFL takes utmost care that certificates are shared within the stipulated time, but in case, you have not received it, please feel free to contact our helpdesk and share all your details.

Selection for audit is a random process developed by AAEFL in which a fixed percentage of applications are selected.

It takes about three weeks to complete this process.

The best way is to scan and upload all the required documents.

Completely. AAEFL does not share any audit material with any external organization unless required for legal proceedings.

Failed audit indicates some discrepancy; hence, it is dealt by AAEFL legal team on case to case basis.

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