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There are scores of people who are passionate about teaching English as a foreign language or to foreigners and/or are lured by distant land of rich cultural backgrounds, believe in the universal appeal of the language.
The developing countries, with thriving economies, have opened their doors for proficient teachers of English language. They wish to capture the world market, access the knowledge centers, desire a universally adept next generation or simply intend to capitalize on foreign tourism; all through gaining proficiency in English.

TEFL certification works as a magic wand in securing the most lucrative jobs in these countries, as most of the high paying employers rely on it.
With numerous options to choose from, people prefer to go for TEFL certification with high value in the industry. Take into account the benefits of AAEFL Certification, institutions and organizations seek to build their credibility with AAEFL accreditation.


Award accreditation of international acceptance to TEFL courses & course providers.

 Provide quality source materials and invaluable resources.

Provide an unbiased and independent endorsement of highest quality of TEFL courses.

 Created a benchmark of excellence by developing a curriculum which is internationally recognized.

Developed effective systems & tools to assess the quality.

 Provide practical and comprehensive guidance.

 Award TEFL certification to EFL teachers.

Accreditation to Institutes

  • Organizations, companies & institutions availing accreditation from AAEFL will find that it is hassle-free & cost-effective. Its online process can be completed within few days.

Certification to Teachers

  • Teachers who wish to differentiate their profile with TEFL certification undergo a training program followed by an TEFL assessment before being awarded TEFL certification. Employers can easily authenticate and verify the certificate on our website.

AAEFL Accreditation & Certification Benefits

  • Immediate recognition and acceptance of certificates world over.

     High weightage to your institution as AAEFL conforms to highest international standards and has ISO 29990-2010 certification.

     You will stand in league with the likes of CDI-Japan, Berlitz-Japan, AEON-South Korea abd Pagoda-South Korea.

  • Unmatched employability rate of our certified members as being accredited by ANSI gives us a clear-cut edge above others.

     Privilege for all members as free lifetime access to AAEFL jobs center opens up unlimited possibilities of growth.




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Unique initiative of open access to

AAEFL's Body of Knowledge is an exhaustive compilation of various relevant topics abd subject matter.
Anyone who has ever registered with us, can avail access to this site and keep themselves updated.
Details of Curriculum and its development, which is in tandem with need of the hour, & its implementation finds prime place here.
The main focus of our R&D is delving deep into latest research works and structuring them in a way to benefit maximum members.
In keeping with modern approach of teaching English, Bloom’s taxonomy objectives are given priority while working on the source material.
AAEFL lays primary importance on assessment framework so as to ensure superlative quality.


Join AAEFL family as an Accredited entity or a Certified individual and discover yourself in the magnanimous company of more than 110,000 ‘AAEFLites’, spread all over the world. This exclusive membership gives you instantaneous recognition and credibility amongst TEFL employers and clients.
AAEFL Network: Contact, Connect and Collaborate!
● AAEFL platform provides a magnificent opportunity to its Members to connect to others who share the same passion and zest for teaching English in a foreign country and who can also guide or mentor others. All its present members, alumni, experts build this strong online community, which will surely assist in your journey as a teacher, through their guidance, support, problem solving and idea sharing.

● A Member can also build a community of like-minded peers in a foreign country and provide the much-needed aid to forge ahead.
KNOWLEDGE Enhancement

● AAEFL is an established organization with its basics on education and knowledge sharing. Hence, our site gives some remarkable opportunities to its Members to amplify their knowledge.
● Aaeflites can delve into an unfathomable sea of TELF related resources and materials by logging into Body of Knowledge.
● Surfing through Insights and Ideas may help an AAEFLite to take a flight of fancy; at other times, a peel of laughter over an anecdotal blog; and many a times, awareness about a new concept.
● Blogs and Articles cover varied topics and are numerous, new ones are added continuously to it.
Pledge of a Brilliant FUTURE
●Acquiring the benefits of exclusive AAEFL tag will surely propel your career to a new high.
● Scoring unmatched confidence among job givers, employers means that AAEFL certified individuals will be placed well and will be able to create a niche for themselves.
● The placements will in return ensure that the accredited entities worth multiplies manifolds with each passing year.
●A glimpse at our Job Board gives clarity of the respect we command in the Industry today.
● Our initiative of open forum on exchange of ideas and thoughts is a conclusive evidence of our belief that Knowledge can be gained only through sharing.