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Why get Accredited at all?

The last decade has been a witness to revolutionary changes in our world; lots of it can be attributed to metamorphosis of the internet. The reach of internet has brought down all barriers and melted the boundaries of cities, towns and countries. The real concept of ‘one world’ has finally arrived; providing us access to bountiful possibilities, curiosities, knowledge and inventions.

In this present scenario, the developing and underdeveloped nations are not only forging ahead but also have gained economic power. This has opened up unlimited possibilities for job seekers.

If we see this in direct connection to English teachers, interested in teaching English as a foreign language in non-English speaking countries, limitless options are available. Developing countries like Japan, India, South Korea, China, etc. with their thriving economies have come to realize the universal appeal of English as a communicative tool. Hence, these nations have opened their doors for proficient English teachers.

The paying capacity has boosted not only the demand but also the supply and it is here that Accreditation plays a pivotal role. Accreditation is a tool which ensures that quality assurance procedures and systems are in place.

In other words, it’s a system which guarantees the quality and hence, effects the choice of the potential employers seeking proficient TEFL teachers. At the same time, the Accreditation certification also provides the much-needed confidence to the end users.

Why go for AAEFL accreditation?

AAEFL is a universally recognized, independent, impartial, accrediting body of TEFL courses and course providers. AAEFL is today a name which has become synonymous with integrity, credibility, trustworthiness, repute and high-quality standard.

If you are a TEFL course provider or intend to be one, then take an informed decision which will give you immediate returns.

A glimpse of the given facts will make your apprehensions to vanish and prompt you to enroll with us at the earliest.

  • AAEFL boasts of more than 24,000-member organizations, institutions and companies, mapping the entire world. We have created a huge global network of the most proficient TEFL accredited teachers.
  • Spreading our tentacles in all directions, we have witnessed a tremendous growth rate and today we have numerous accredited exam centers, spanning over 98 countries.
  • The faith in AAEFL arises from our unmatched credentials and possessing ISO 29990-2010 certification.
  • A huge advantage of ANSI accreditation authenticates our unparalleled high standards.
  • Repaying the application fee — Reapplying will attract payment of the application fees once again.AAEFL R&D department ensures that we are updated and upgraded about the best teaching skills and methodology at all times.
  • We have most dedicated team of experienced educators who work on the minutest details of the curriculum.
  • AAEFL lays primary stress on lesson plans as they are the base of effective teaching.
  • We have extensive resources on skill development of teachers which helps in honing their ability to connect and deliver.
  • AAEFL has developed effective systems & tools to assess the quality of TEFL courses.

This is how AAEFL Accreditation will benefit your organization!

With numerous players entering the accreditation space, it may not be easy to select one; but here are few points that will apprise you of huge benefits of AAEFL accreditation.

  • You cannot go for any accreditation body because the high-worth employers give weightage to internationally reputed accredited courses only.
  • Hence, the individuals who want to take up TEFL course prefer courses accredited by organizations like AAEFL, making sure they get the best of jobs.
  • Getting accreditation from AAEFL will give you a stronghold in the market immediately, ensuring high returns and no risk of loss on your investment.
  • Being AAEFL accredited will enhance your credibility and foster confidence among people seeking TEFL course.
  • You will find yourself in league with stalwarts like ACELT-China, AITEL-India, CDI-Japan, Berlitz-Japan, AEON-South Korea and Pagoda-South Korea- to name just a few.
  • You get the guidance and support in crucial aspects such as curriculum, source material, methodology, etc.
  • Display of AAEFL accreditation in itself will lend you respect and credibility among end users as well as prospective employers.
  • It will provide the prospective employers an independent source to verify the certification of your successful candidates.

Get AAEFL Accredited

AAEFL accreditations are facilitated through a simple evaluation process. The simplicity of our accreditation ensures accessibility and affordability to all- from smallest to largest, from most accessible to remotest- giving a level playing field. The details of the process are explained step by step in our Information Board section.

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