Terms & Conditions

1. Important to Note

AAEFL grants certification to each candidate who has cleared TEFL course from one of our authorized providers. Each candidate hereby acknowledges and agrees to comply by the terms and conditions contained herein.

2. Definitions

  • Authorized Provider — refers to an entity which is authorized by AAEFL to conduct AAEFL certification exams.
  • Candidate — an individual who is attempting to achieve certification from AAEFL.
  • Certification — the achievement of AAEFL certified TEFL certificate based on terms and conditions defined herein.

3. Terms and Conditions

  • In order to attain TEFL certification from AAEFL, a candidate shall —
    1. appear for an applicable certification exam after the completion of the relevant course,
    2.the exam shall be administered through an authorized provider.
    3.shall achieve a passing score
    4. shall comply with all the policies, rules and code of conduct.
  • Successful candidates shall be —
    1. granted certificate issued by AAEFL for TEFL courses,
    2. issued an electronic certificate along with a unique certification number,
    3. added to the official AAEFL Certification Register
    4. granted the right to use the AAEFL certification.
  • Candidates details shall be verified and authenticated through AAEFL verification desk.
  • If all is found satisfactory, candidate’s certificate shall be mailed in about 7-10 working days.
  • If any discrepancy is detected, candidate shall be informed through mail.
  • In such cases, the candidate shall have to reapply and pay the application fees once again.
  • Expect the certificate in next 7-10 working days after reapplying.
  • Once having received the soft copy, hard copy can be generated, if need be.

In case, a candidate does not receive the certificate within the stipulated period or wishes to clarify something, they can contact us @...................

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